Dr. Abiola Ajayi

Dr Abiola Ajayi, a graduate of NEOUCOM (USA) and St. Matthews Medical School , is the MD/CEO of ROA Specialist Hospital in Arepo and has been a private medical practitioner and health administrator in Nigeria since 2014. and Managing Director since 2012.

● He is also the Secretary for Hope Medical Mission (NGO) since 2013 and Secretary of Hope For Africa Medical Mission (501C). Dr. Ajayi’s main duties are to coordinate medical interventions for the underprivileged and underserved, an organization his Father, Dr. Rex O. Ajayi started in 2007. Since then he has had the opportunity to provide surgical and medical intervention to thousands of Nigerians with a joint collaboration of medical professionals from the Diaspora and those living in Nigeria.

● He maintains an advisory role as Co-VP for Nigerian – American Medical Foundation International (NAMFI) based in Ikoyi, Lagos. NAMFI’s main purpose is to connect hard to diagnose patients in Nigeria with medical professionals in the USA and collaborate in their treatment.  Dr. Ajayi has been a member of the MDCN in Nigeria since 2013.

● He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Intergrated Life Sciences and a M.A. Engineering (Ohio, USA) in Information Architecture and Knowledge Management and has been operating as such since 2001.

● He is also the CEO of BOI Enterprises a technology company that brings alternative power solutions to Nigeria in and around the health sector. Current installations include Solar, Natural Gas, and Propane solutions in an effort to keep the cost of premium healthcare low for those in nigerians in true need of assistance. Dr. Ajayi has maintained that position in Nigeria since 2016.

● A collaboration between Hope Medical (Nigeria and USA) performed a surgery for the corrction of bladder extrophy in an 8 month old child for which the organization received recognition by Ogun State Ministry of Health in 2016.

● Dr. Abiola Ajayi can often be heard discussing Nigerian’s health issues as a weekly Radio consultant for WFM 91.7 and at times Lagos Traffic Radio and has even made multiple TV appearances on MITV, Channels and others giving free medical advice to Nigerians from Lagos to Abuja.

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