Dr. Rex Ajayi

Dr. Rex O. Ajayi is chairman of ROA SURGICAL CENTRE AND CLINICS.
A Pediatric and adult urologist Board certified and affiliated with the International fellows of the UK, Canada and US.
He attended Kings College, Dalhousie University, and Columbia.
He began a nonprofit (NGO) Hope Medical Mission – hopemedicnigeria.com
in 2007 which he later handed over Has used to help tens of thousands of Nigerians in Nigeria.

Happily married and practicing for over 40 years he has 4 children whom have become accomplished in their own right.
His first son Dr. Abiola Ajayi has been the MD/CEO of ROA GROUP of companies since 2012.

Dr. Ajayi has proficiency in performing radioactive seed
implants for prostate cancer, open surgical and minimally invasive surgical and
non-surgical treatment of prostate cancer, kidney cancer as well as
non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate. Many of the most common procedures
are now done by him in his clinic, or, for the comfort and convenience of the
patient, in his on-site Surgery Center, the South Georgia Urology Surgery

Dr. Ajayi has been an active member of the medical and
civic organizations in his community and nationally. He is a member of the
Dougherty County Medical Society, American Urology Association, The
Southeastern American Urology Association, National Medical Association,
Medical Association of Georgia, Sigma Pi Phi of USA and the Criterion Club of
Albany. For the last three decades Dr. Ajayi remains active in the community by
participating in health fairs, free health screening, giving talks on local
radio and television stations to raise awareness on various urological
conditions and treatment options.

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